Sushi, tofu, chinoa, mango, insects. None of them was in the Italian diet until a few years ago. No need to be so exotic but if you wish to promote your products across Italy we can certainly help you. We can treat it as any other Italian for Italians product creating an appealing image, building a strong reputation, intercepting one or more market nieces.



Are you targeting youngsters, couples, families, sophisticated consumers or else?

Let Italians manage your communication.

We can interact daily with you in different foreign languages and translate your information and values into genuine Italian contents.

No cultural clash, no typing mistakes, no Italian sounding: just an Italian success case.

The specialist C2B will be your key to Italians.

We propose a smooth approach, based first on a strategy agreed upon with you and then a sound work programme. Not necessarily expensive but instead steady and consistent.

Consumers’ reaction, request for information and education: this is the way ahead for your product in Italy.


New lifestyles


Young consumers


Italians discover new dishes


Anita: I am always in a rush; at lunch break I eat fruit. When I can, I relax by cooking exotic dishes for my friends

Anita 46 is an architect, single, dynamic and demanding

Let us know your products,
ask about our services


Tell us about your products and match them with our services.
Satisfy your consumers’ needs. It is the best way to develop your company in Italy. If you wish to know how, we are here.

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