Under the imperative assumption that “Fruit must be good” we developed WeFrood (WE FiRst gOOD).
A website and an APP to all to assign a vote to the quality, simply and having fun.
An innovative way to promote fruit and vegetable consumption and grant visibility to farms.



What for?

To create culture and build, with a scoring system, farmers’ reputation, increasing satisfaction for people while purchasing and enjoying their fruit and veg.

How does it work?

App holders can search and find best suppliers in the neighborhood, discover features of species and varieties, share opinion and information.

Producers, even the smallest, find a suitable place for their straight promotion and immediate ranking.
Becoming part of the community is simple and free: just register on the website WeFrood.
In addition, promote your specialities selecting your profiled customer and without wasting adv budget.
You will make yourself known  both sending notification and/or writing interesting articles on the blog.
The door is also open to B2B cooperation with other companies of the fruit and vegetables sector.


The App

Talk to your consumer

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I daily move from my university, to my friends and again my volunteers association. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables for my wellbeing but I admit, I know little about seasons and production.
Susan , 23 - Student, she "cares"

Tell us about your products,
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Susanna would like to know your products and taste them.
Let her know how.

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  • C2B4FOOD Srl
    Operational Headquarters:
    Piazza Castello, 10/B - 1° Piano
    46029, Suzzara MN, Italy
    Phone: +39 0376 261780

    Legal Headquarters:
    Via Bigliardi 19
    42045, Luzzara RE, Italy
    P.IVA: 02728000353

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