THE Specialist C2B

Producing in agricolture demand for knoweldge, experience, commitment and a lot of work.
Often, within farms, all resources are absorbed by the effort to create quality products and little is left to let outsider know about the fruit of this work. 

That’s why we offer you The specialist C2B. 
For 6-12 months or more he/she supported by a team of technical experts will become part of your organization as a hole department to let consumer know why your products are unique and excellent.
Our specialists know the rural world and its features and knows how to stimulate consumers become loyal customers. He will manage communication, market analyses and suppliers of advertising in your interest.

All in one service, to sell better, expand the market, make old and new customers devoted.



How does it work?

Modules can last 6 or 12 months.
Each module Lo specialist C2B has fixed prices, measurable results and include a 10% advertising budget to spend on social platforms.
Once chosen the most suitable one, you will be assigned The specials C2B which for all duration of the contract will be available for your farm. The service is thought for middle size companies wishing to make a significant step forward and emerge in the market.

Background and strategy

Your Specialist “on lease” analyses the present situation to define what makes your organisation valuable and unique. Organization, products, volume, market, suppliers, distribution models, consumers, competitors, commercial strategies.
The insight brings to the objective to set and the communication strategy  most suitable to reach your consumers, buyers and in general all stakeholders.
Expected results are fixed and agreed upon immediately.

Images and contents

We create a distinctive image of your organization and your products with shooting and design for web and social.
Your specialist define the issues to touch upon and produces regularly contents suitable to talk to your consumers. He/she will deal daily with your audience creating a trustworthy relations with market and consumers which become value and support to growth.

Communication campaigns and result analyses

The specialist C2B confronts with you weekly, communicate regularly through the tools activated the correct information, plans and execute the campaigns targeting your audience.
Results obtained will be regularly summarized and discussed with you according to objectives set, to improve day after day.
hands-of-man-in-office-that-looks-strategic-documents-graphics, data and statistics

Analyses and strategy




Adv campaigns


I rented a Specialist C2B. I had never done any communication before. Now I have a website and my Facebook page is very much followed. Sales in the season went very well and I opened a new sales channel with a famous supermarket chain.
I am very satisfied by the service and results achieved. It is like having a marketing manager in house but without having had to select and hire it.

Marco Guarienti Torello - Owner Azienda Agricola La Palazzina

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