Our job is help farms grow and communicate in fast moving market.
Exclusively for agriculture, its seasons and its features, we propose a batch of solutions to manage daily companies’ communication, support technological innovation at farms level, promote products and producers.


Evolving behaviours

New families, roaming people, digital lifes, different places and ways to go shopping, bt consumers look for quality, health, ties with the territories: somebody to trust.
Solving the needs of own consumers is the challenge and key to rise successfully in the market


Producers to discover

Standing out and become knowledgeable brand s the first step to intercept the new consumer. Interact with them, to share stories of products and quality, listening to their needs as a way to spark growth and innovation.


to add value to your products

We make you reach your consumers. Share your story, your technical choices, the taste of your products. We find new spaces in the market, open new sales channels and let new needs out of the consumers to help you develop innovation projects. We add value to your events and create virtual squares where you can exhibit your products and services.

About us


The specialist C2B

An expert in communication and marketing on lease which becomes steadily part of your team to promote your product and organization and study present and future customers.
A specialist which at once knows agriculture and the behavior and customs of consumers supported by a team of agronomist, designers, photographers,  IT people to form a complete department.  

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Development Projects

When the going gets tough……….better ask for support.
Do you have an idea but you miss all the experience and resources to develop it? Create new products, revamp existing ones, open new markets, sketch new business models. We make available to you 30 years of the most diversified experiences.

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The fruit advisor for consumers, the storefront for producers.
Wefrood is our smart platform for fruit and vegetables.
Wefrood app is an intelligent assistant that daily helps consumers find, manage and enjoy the best fruit and vegetables; the website is instead the entry point of a communication channel for companies willing to reach directly the most interesting and interested consumers.

Wefrood, zero investments, ready, for your fruit and vegetables.

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Who we are

Professionals in the field, for agricultural world

People knowledgeable and honest which work exclusively for an evolving agricultural sector. Innovation, communication, marketing, strategic consulting, internationalization e financial planning. We assist the entrepreneurs with those professional skills missing in the farm, combining external skills and experiences with the inner know-how.

Respecting persons, traditions and work.

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    Phone: +39 0376 261780

    Legal Headquarters:
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